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Knitting Stitch: Mock Fisherman's Rib

(Mira este video en español: Punto Falso Inglés)


If you are a beginner knitter, tired of garter stitch, and yet, afraid of purls and row repetitions, I have the perfect stitch for you! Using only knit stitches, this simple mock fisherman's rib stitch will allow you to add texture to your next project. The best part? It's reversible (which means both sides look identical) and unisex! Get inspired to knit up your first scarf, blanket, and even baby garments. Let's get started!

As you saw on the video, for this easy stitch you will need to cast on an even number of stitches. I always knit two selvedge stitches (or edge stitches, to make a neat edge on my knitted pieces), but it is not mandatory. Then, knit a set-up row. Just in case you are wondering, a set-up row is like a "foundation" row, where the stitches are "arranged" to start the actual pattern. You only knit this row once, and begin with the actual pattern afterward.  For this, begin knitting one stitch, and the next stitch knit into the stitch below, just like this picture shows: 

Mock Fisherman's Stitch

Continue with this pattern (knit one, knit one below) until the end of the row and for the desired length. Sounds easy, right? It actually is!

Important Tip -

Ok, now let's say you are watching Netflix, and you've gotten distracted. What was I knitting? What do I need to do next? Should I knit the stitch? Should I knit into the stitch below? You don't know! No worries, just take a closer look at the stitch you have on your needles (the one you are about to knit). If it has two strands of yarn over it, it means you are supposed to do a knit stitch. If it only has one strand of yarn, then you are supposed to knit into the stitch below.


mock Fishermans stitch knit one below



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