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Test Knit/Crochet Application

Yay! I´ve written a new pattern and knitted or crocheted the sample, now  I need you! Would you like to test knit/crochet a pattern for me?

Test knitting/crocheting  is a lovely way of showing support to your favorite designers... not to mention getting your hands on a pattern before anyone else! As a test knitter/crocheter, you will receive a free copy of the knitting/crochet pattern to knit/crochet by the deadline I have set.

In return, I would love to get detailed and accurate feedback from you on whether you think the pattern is clear and correct, the measurements match what described in the pattern, and your overall experience of knitting/crocheting this pattern. By doing this, you are helping me to make this pattern the very best it can be before I release it to the rest of the knitting/crocheting community! So thank you!


Before you decide if you want to be a test knitter/crocheter, here are all the details you should know:


I will provide a deadline for each project. Compliance with the set deadline is vital.


Projects can vary from beginner, easy to intermediate . 


I will provide finished measurements in each pattern and intended ease.


I will detail yarn used on each project. Yarn usage includes the making of a swatch. Use of the same yarn is strongly suggested, but not mandatory. Yarn is not provided, although I will do my best to provide tempting discount codes !


I will let you know needles, expected gauge, and other notions that you might use in every project. 



Being a test knitter/crocheter is more of a mind set than a skill set.

The most important quality in a test knitter/crocheter is that they're able to follow instructions and stick to the deadline. Plus, 

  • We shall communicate often through Instagram or email. I´m here for you!  If you have any questions during the test knit/crochet, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will answer your questions ASAP. It is better that you ask me questions, rather spend too much time trying to figure something out on your own.
  • You can expect to find errors. These can be grammatical or mathematical errors, convey things that could have been explained better , etc. Please communicate them to me ASAP.
  • You should follow the pattern at all times, as written. Please note that gauge is key!
  • You must keep to the deadline. If you are having any trouble with meeting the deadline, let me know because any delays on your end will delay the release of the pattern too.
  • You should keep detailed notes on any areas of the pattern that you had difficulty with; that are unclear or wrong, final measurements,  yarn usage, etc. Report everything back to me.
  • You should put the finished project up on Ravelry. Feel free to post abstract photos and notes about the project as you work on it, but please save the photo of the final reveal until the pattern has been launched. At this point, you can link your project to the launched pattern page, which I will provide you with.


If  all this sounds interesting to you, and you would like to apply to be a test knitter/crocheter, please fill out this simple form.

 I will be in touch! Thank you so much for your interest! I really appreciate your help in making my patterns the best it can be before I release it to the public.