Our Story

Max is Manx Loaghtan, and Herb is Hebridean, two formerly endangered sheep breeds. Just like them, I felt that our passion for crafts was in danger, slowing fading away. I come from a family where mothers taught their daughters how to sew, knit, embroidery, where families shared recipes and advise, not only because they wanted to talk, but they wanted to connect, preserve their heritage. And that is the powerful idea behind the brand- creating + connecting. It is through creating that we believe we can enhance people’s lives, inspire, encourage, and nourish the souls, achieve a sense of self-realization. And that creative experience brings us closer with ourselves, with the people around us, and our community. It creates powerful connections, allowing people of different ages, from diverse backgrounds, even distant countries, speak the same language.

That is why I created Max + Herb, to create a universe where traditions and artisanship are mixed with a modern twist, resulting in a unique shared crafting experience that brings joy, calmness, and happiness to your life. We are pleased to have you in our home and hope we inspired you to join us in this beautiful maker movement. 

Un abrazo,