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How to do the heart stitch in knitting?

These two simple rows will create the most adorable heart shaped knit stitch!

The easiest way to seam two crochet pieces together: The flat slip stitch

Learn one of the most useful and easiest techniques to join crochet pieces together.

My #1 secret for choosing yarn color combinations that work –

I believe some people have a native sense of color, and picking color combos feels natural and easy. If you are not one of them, do not worry....

The easy way to Kitchener Stitch

The Kitchener stitch is a technique for seamlessly joining two sets of live stitches together without creating a ridge. It is essentially a set of sewing steps often...

What to knit next? Project ideas with Asylum Fibers

If you watched our IG live with Asylum Fibers, you'll know Stephanie gave us tons of ideas on what to knit next! Of course, I could not resist...

Life in the Long Grass - Meet the Indie Dyer

Grab your cup of tea, feel the calm and quaint atmosphere and let’s imagine we are in Ireland, talking with this inspiring indie dyer together. 

How to invisibly change colors when knitting in the round —

When knitting in the round, changing colors can be a little bit tricky. If you just change colors as you would with your straight needles, you will be...

Knitting stitch pattern: Easy Weaving Stitch

A beautiful and simple stitch that looks like weaving. Fully reversible!

Crochet Stitch: Easy 1x1 Ribbing

Mimic the texture and look of 1x1 ribbing rib stitch very easily with this new crochet stitch!

Jojo Tricot — Meet the Designer

Her designs are sweet, dreamy, and elegant. The textures, her color choices, and contemporary feel are her hallmark. Meet Paula.