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Knitting stitch pattern: Easy Weaving Stitch

Don't you love knitting stitches that look like weaving or macrame? Well, here is one that is very simple and beautiful! I used Premium Braided Cotton Cord 5mm and jumbo birch knitting needle to exaggerate the effect, but it looks amazing on a thinner yarn too! Plus this stitch is only one row repeat and fully reversible! It does not get easier than that! I'd create a gorgeous pillow, the bottom edge of a sweater, or a chunky blanket! 

How to knit the Easy Weaving Stitch —

Multiple of 2 + 1 (knit flat - fully reversible)

All row: Slip first purlwise, *insert needle between first and second, pull a loop, and, without dropping it from the needle, knit the first and second together*, repeat from * until last stitch. 

This row forms the pattern. 

Here is a video that shows how to insert the needle between first and second stitch, pull a loop and knit the first and second stitch together.


 Easy Knitting Stitch Pattern - Weave knit stitch

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