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The best way to weave in ends in knitting

Although there are many ways to hide your ends in a knitting project, I believe this is the correct way because:

✓ Keeps the elasticity of the knitting piece
✓ Accomplishes the ultimate goal, which is to hide the ends of the yarn, making it invisible on the right or front side.
✓ It is simple to learn and do
✓ In case you need to unravel your project, it can be easily undone and ripped out.
✓ Done right, it is secure and stays in place forever

Watch the tutorial below to learn how to do it. Make sure you watch until the end to know what I think is the most important tip!


My 5 top tips on weaving end in knitting —

1- Work always on the wrong side of the piece. 

2- The tapestry needle is essential! Choose one that has a rounded, blunt tip that will not split your yarn. 

3- Watch your tension, trying to keep it as close to the project as possible. Stretching your piece while you are weaving the end will help.  

4- Check your progress as you go. Check the front side to make sure it is going well, especially once you are finished. Stretch your piece one final time to make sure the end is not showing on the front side. 

5- Unless it is completely necessary, I always try to add a new ball of yarn or change colors at the end of one complete row. Following this method, instead of joining new yarn in the middle of the row, avoids weaving ends in the middle of the knitted piece, where it is far more visible.



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