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What to knit next? Project ideas with Asylum Fibers

If you watched our IG live with Asylum Fibers, you'll know Stephanie gave us tons of ideas on what to knit next! Of course, I could not resist myself and added a couple more! Keep reading to pick your next project!

And don't forget to place your Asylum Fibers order now, pop-up ends April 30th! 

 Projects with DK Weight Yarn —

Asylum Fiber Pop UP at Max and Herb

 With only 4 skeins of DK yarn, you can make the CrossWalk Shawl by Stephen West. Select four stunning shades and fade or stripe them together from light to dark. It's beautiful!

Max and Herb DK tee sweater suggestions

The V-Back Tee DK by Jamie Hoffman is an everyday outfit worked top down and in the round. Knit on larger needles, the fabric is airy and knits up quickly. A two row repeat pattern, you can pick to make it with one to up to five colors! 

DK yarn bandana pattern

The amazing feature of the Montgomery Street Bandana Pattern by Michel Acosta is that you can make it as small or big as you want. It has a crochet version too! I would totally knit this in the Wild Flower color, then wear a white outfit and let the bandana be the star!

Free Pattern

The Odyssey Shawl by talented Joji Locatelli is a gorgeous free pattern with a crescent shape. What I love about this shawl worked on Asylum Fibers is that you can pick ANY of her colors, and it would work perfectly! 

What other pattern would I pick? I would love to see mixing this beautiful DK yarn palette in the Radiate sweater from Joji. I think it will look great using the Platinum color mixed with any of the other colors of this bright palette, or the Eggstra color with details of Drink Me. If you are looking for the sweater of the summer, I would use the Wild Flower mixed with Razzmatazz. What do you think?


Projects with Fingering Weight Yarn —

 Fingering Weight yarn ideas

The Snark-o-meter by Casapinka is a stunning rectangular shawl pattern. Ideal for beginner knitters that want to practice texture and color! You can pick any of the fingering weight colors, and when I say ANY, I mean it! They will all look great! 

What other pattern would I pick? I would love to see mixing this beautiful fingering yarn in two FREE PATTERNS for this summer. The Dijon Top by Karina Harper. What I love most about it is that even though it is a fingering weight yarn pattern it uses larger needles! And Summer Light by Sumi Okada: delicate, soft, and so wearable!  

Fingering yarn patternFingering weight yarn

Photo credit: Sumi Okeda                     Photo Credit: Karina Harper

Projects with Mohair Yarn —

 Mohair and Fingering weight used together

My absolute favorite piece shown by Stephanie was the Dragon County Shawl by Michele Costa. Made with DK and Mohair, it is absolutely stunning! You could pick similar or contrasting shades, and it will look amazing! 

What other pattern would I pick? I would love to see mixing this beautiful lace yarn in one pattern that you probably have seen all over Pinterest. It is the Caspar top by Johanna Gehrisch. An ethereal and peaceful looking top made with lace Mohair.   

Lace Top Pattern

Photo Credit: Johanna Gehrisch


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