Paper Cord Yarn

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This new yarn is going to make beautiful hugs!!! The Paper Cord Yarn is made twisting three stands of our washi yarn, creating an amazing cord. It's bulky but very light, making it perfect for a large variety of projects and crafts. 

As our Washi yarn, it's a recycled material. The factory pulverize old fabrics waste converting them in just dust. Then, they bind this dust with cellulose making the amazing washi yarn and from here we can twisted and create the new paper cord.

Perfect to be used with any fiber project be it knitting, crochet, weaving, jewelery, or for luxe gift wrapping, floral arrangements and embellishments. The possibilities are endless, enjoy this fun fiber.. she's a beauty!

It comes in a beautiful range of colors, so just choose and try it! Give to this old fabric another opportunity to shine!

Care Instructions
Important Info

WHY WE LOVE IT – Soft, lightweight, bulky, beautiful + unique shades, ecofriendly, vegan, versatile + perfect for different crafts (have you thought of making a lamp? What other light weight project do you have in mind?)

FIBER CONTENT — 70% Recycled Polyester | 30% Viscose

WEIGHT — 100g | 0.22lb

LENGTH — 75 m  |  82 yd

WIDTH —  4mm  |  0.16" 


SUGGESTED CROCHET HOOK — 3.5-8mm  | E/4-L/11  US

Hand wash in lukewarm water (30°), using a mild and gentle detergent. Rinse. Carefully reshape and dry flat by placing on a towel.

We source this fiber from an amazing family-owned producer in Barcelona (Spain). We’re proud to meet the European and American standards and norms that keep you and our planet safe

Please note that we try our best to display our colors as accurately as possible, but due to monitor differences and the dyed process, actual colors may vary slightly from what appears online. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.  We always recommend to add one or two more skeins to your order to avoid color variations in the final piece due to slightly color differences between batches. 

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