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Crochet for beginners: How to count chain stitches

How to crochet for absolute beginners - Master Class #4:  Counting Chain Stitches

Once you have learned how to do your foundation row, the next step is to know how many stitches you have made. More so, every crochet pattern starts by defining the number of chains you need to cast on. Even if you are doing just a swatch, you carefully need to know how many stitches you have before continuing. Counting crochet stitches is very simple if you know what you are looking for! Watch this video and read the instructions below to learn my three top tips to count crochet stitches! 



Step-by-step Crochet Guide: Three top tips for counting crochet stitches

1. Crochet stitches are very easy to count if you look at them from the top. Laid your foundation chain on a table, and search for the 'v' shape. Every 'v' is a stitch and has a small bump on the back. 

2. The slip knot does not count as stitch. The same goes for the loop on your hook, it NEVER counts as a stitch either. 

3. Never work into the first chain from the crochet hook. Depending on what stitch you are making, you will work into the second (single crochet), third, fourth, etc. chain. The instructions will always state how many chains to skip before starting the first stitch.

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Crochet tutorial How to count chain stitches - slip and knot stitch do not count - look for the 'v's


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