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Crochet for beginners: How to hold a crochet hook

How to crochet for absolute beginners - Master Class #2:  Holding a crochet hook

After learning the two essential materials you will need to get started successfully in this beautiful craft, it is time to learn how to hold the crochet hook correctly. The first thing I want to tell you about this subject is the following. There are so many ways of holding the hook and the yarn as there are people in the world! By this, I mean to say that everyone is unique and has its own comfortable style of holding the hook and yarn. For example, I hold the yarn so weirdly when I crochet that for a long time, I refused to teach or film videos. Eventually, I understood that as long as I was relaxed, my hands did not hurt, and I was getting the job done, it was ok! 

I recommend for you to experiment with the different grips to find which way works best for you! How do you know it is the correct way? Here are a few tips:

  • It has to feel natural and comfortable. 
  • It has to keep consistent yarn tension and ease of movement for your hook.
  • Your hands or wrist do not have to hurt.
  • The more comfortable you feel, the better rhythm you will have, and the even the stitches will be. 

Having said that, if you are a beginner, you can start by trying one of the two most common ways of holding the crochet hook: the pencil or the knife grip. 

The pencil grip

Even though both names are very self-explanatory, please find below a picture. With the hook slightly facing you, hold your crochet hook as you were holding a pen. Place your index finger and thumb on the finger hold, and rest the hook on your middle finger. This way, most of the action will be guided by your fingertips. 

How to hold the crochet hook pencil grip

How to hold your crochet hook : The pencil position

The knife grip

To hold your hook with the knife grip, grab your hook with your thumb and middle finger, resting your index finger on top of the hook. Your hand should be covering most of your hook, and its handle should be resting against your palm. With the knife grip, your movements will be guided by your wrist. 

how to hold the crochet hook knife grip position

How to hold your crochet hook : The knife position

And remember there is no unique or perfect way to hold the crochet hook. There is YOUR distinctive style, that works perfectly for you, and you will discover it in time and with practice. Don't give up and keep trying!

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