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Emilia & Philomene — Meet the Indie Dyer

I am launching a new blog section today! Join me to meet the people behind the business, let's learn their stories, why they do what they do, how we can inspire each other, and how we can improve our world together. Grab your knitting, make yourself a pot of tea and join us for this little fun new section of our blog: The Meet Section.

This time we chatted with Amelie, the beautiful and poetic indie dyer behind Emilia and Philomène. Emilia & Philomène is a dyeing workshop with nomadic tendencies. After starting its activities in the Laurentians, then in Orford and London, the workshop is located now in Magog, Quebec. In a century-old house in the heart of nature, Amelie dyes the most charming, captivating colors. Places, memories, smells, light are her greatest sources of inspiration. When asked about her professional occupation, Amélie answers that she makes things. While it may seem eclectic, her career path has always been guided by her desire to create. First books, then songs, and now wool, it is her taste for aesthetics that serves as a guideline in her life.

What I like the most about her is that she is telling her story through yarn. Every line has a romantic tale behind it that makes you fall in love with it even more. Let's get inspired by her: 

1- When did you decide to start dyeing your yarn, and why? 

I started to dye in 2017, I was working in a yarn shop called Pure Laine, etc, north of Montreal, and we never added enough Indie dyed yarn. One day I offered to start dying myself, and this is how it all started for me! 

2- Do you have a favorite color or colors, and have they changed since you became a dyer?

I have always been really into muted pastels and earthy tones, but lately, I have started incorporating neon colors into my palette. Neutrals + Neon is my new favorite! The Colors that speak to me change as time passes, and I love to see how my personal palette evolves.

3- Is there a color that you would love to dye, but that is challenging to create?

I am really attracted by holographic, pastel colors these days, and I have not been able to translate it on fibers… yet ;) 

4- I saw on your IG that you knit and embroider, what's your favorite fiber craft? 

I have been doing some experimental weaving with yarn and botanical materials this summer, and this is a craft that speaks to me at the moment. I mean. Weaving flowers. What else can I say? 

5- Finally, If you could go back and give yourself (or another new, aspiring hand-dyer) some advice, what would it be? 

Makers are creating such wonderful work that comparing ourselves is easy. Instead of looking at what others are making, create the colors that speak to you as a crafter. Nobody will ever be better at doing you than yourself. 


See the Emilia & Philomene collection here. Don't forget to check out our exclusive colors!

The Frida Headband by Emilie L is a great small project to try Leona and Josephine combined, and fall in love with these yarns! 


Emilia Philomene - hand dyed yarn - leona

Emilia Philomene Hand dye Yarn - Josephine
Emilia and Philomene - Hand dyed yarn - Les Argues Roses
Emilia and Philomene - Indie Dyer - Josephine and LeonaEmilia and Philomene - Hand dyed Yarn -  Indie dyer - Josephine and Leona- Essaouria
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