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Knitting Tip: Going Up a Needle Size to Bind Off

You just finished your dream project to realize your bind-off is too tight, and it is pulling your knitting. Let me tell you a little secret and easy way to create a loser bind-off edge: use a larger knitting needle to work the bind-off!

Going up a needle size to bind off will give your last row a much-needed stretch. What a simple trick that creates a big difference, right? This is how you do it: 

1- Once you get to the point where you need to bind off, bring in a larger needle. I usually go up one size, but many knitters go up to two sizes. I like to go up just one size because I know I will not be creating a flare.

2- Hold on your left hand the needle you used for your project with all your stitches and the empty larger needle on your right hand.

3- Bind off normally. Remember that I love this technique to neatly bind off the last stitch. 

Working the bind-off in this way prevents stitches from getting smaller when dropped off the needle, which makes the overall bind-off looser. Check out how stretchier they are in this video! 

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