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How to knit a tidy neckline: The Sloped Bind-Off

The title should be how to knit a tidy neckline, armhole, or basically any rounded edge in knitting. Since I discovered this technique, I haven't used any other! 

The method is called Sloped Bind-Off, and it gives you a smooth, beautiful edge, avoiding that stair-step look off the normal bind-off.

How To Work The Sloped Bind-Off —

1- Work the initial bind-off row as usual. 

2- Work as established to the first stitch before your neckline. Do not work the last stitch, and leave it on the left needle. Turn your work.

3- Slip the first stitch purlwise. You should now have two stitches on your right needle. Pass the first stitch (the unworked stitch from the previous row) over the second slipped stitch, binding it off.

4- If you have to bind-off another stitch right after this one, bind it off as usual. If not, continue knitting in pattern. 

As you can see, this works for any stitch on the right side of the work as well as on the wrong side! 

It's so simple I created a short video tutorial. Watch it on my Instagram account 👇👇. Bye-bye 👋 awful stair-step looking edge! 


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