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My #1 secret for choosing yarn color combinations that work –

I believe some people have a native sense of color, and picking color combos feels natural and easy. If you are not one of them, do not worry....

How to invisibly change colors when knitting in the round —

When knitting in the round, changing colors can be a little bit tricky. If you just change colors as you would with your straight needles, you will be...

The Perfect Cast-On for 1x1 Rib: Italian Tubular Cast-On

Take your cast-on for ribbing 1x1 to the next level by learning the Italian Tubular Cast-On. It resembles store-bought sweaters made by machine knitting!

Knitting Tip: Going Up a Needle Size to Bind Off

Avoid that tight bind-off with this simple solution!

How to knit a tidy neckline: The Sloped Bind-Off

Learn how to get a smooth, beautiful edge, avoiding that stair-step look of the normal bind-off with the Sloped Bind-Off Method. A simple technique that changes your knitting drastically!

How to fix a dropped stitch in less than a minute

It has happened to all of us! No matter if you are a newbie or an advanced knitter, a stitch will fall off, here is what you have...

The what, why, and how of the 3-Needle Bind-Off

Learn a time-saving, simple technique that will add structure and creates an actual seam without seaming!

This is how to neatly bind-off the last stitch

Details, details, and details. When you learn to knit, you realize it is all about being patient and continuously work on your details to get a better-finished look....

Knitting Tips + Tricks: How to get a neat cast on edge

Details make all the difference. Have you ever noticed that your cast on edge does not look as neat as you would want to? Does it pull your knit,...

How to Knit: Easy Cast On Tutorial (no slip knot required)

Knitting only requires practice! Jump into this incredible and addictive craft with me! Follow this video to start today. The easy cast on method, no slip knot required!