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The correct way to change yarn colors in crochet

This is the correct way to change yarn colors in crochet. The invisible, seamlessly, and easy way.

The color change actually occurs during the last stitch of the first color. Work until the place where you want the change of colors to take place. Work the last stitch until you have the lasts two loops on the hook, right before completing that last stitch altogether. Pick up the new color and make a loop around the hook. Draw your new yarn color back through the last two loops on your hook. Continue crocheting as usual. Watch the video tutorial below to know how to change colors in crochet!

Top three reasons why this is the only way you should be changing yarn colors in crochet —

1- If you follow this technique, you can change colors anywhere in your project. You don't have to wait until the end of the row!

2- You can use it for changing yarns too, as you see in the video. Just make sure you are matching gauges and using the correct hook size. In the basket you see in the video, 1 stitch of Braided Rustic Air Linen equaled 1.5 stitches of Paper Cord using a hook one size smaller. match

3- Use this technique for any crochet stitch, and even if you are crocheting flat or in the round. This method is wonderful!

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