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This is how to neatly bind-off the last stitch

Details, details, and details. When you learn to knit, you realize it is all about being patient and continuously work on your details to get a better-finished look. Following this easy peasy, last step gives that professional look to your project. A simple move that, in my opinion, makes a big difference.

When I first learned to knit, I was taught that I should bind off all stitches until the last one, then cut the yarn, take it off the needle, and lastly, draw the yarn tail through the last loop and pull it snug. However, I noticed that this made my work look a little bit weird. So, I came up with a new easy technique that makes the last stitch look much better. What you have to do is get to that last stitch, and without taking it off the needle, cut the yarn. Then, pull the needle up until the yarn goes through the last stitch.

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