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The Perfect Cast-On for 1x1 Rib: Italian Tubular Cast-On

Take your cast-on for ribbing 1x1 to the next level by learning the Italian Tubular Cast-On. It resembles store-bought sweaters made by machine knitting!

The Ruth Project —

We are so excited to launch our Give-Back Program 2022. Please join us in creating any kind of hand-made animal for donation. Any craft is welcomed!

Knitting Trends 2021/22: The Poncho

It's time to say hello to coziness. Keep reading to learn how give this Fall/Winter 21 iconic piece a modern look!

Knitting Tip: Going Up a Needle Size to Bind Off

Avoid that tight bind-off with this simple solution!

Emilia & Philomene — Meet the Indie Dyer

Grab your knitting, make yourself a pot of tea and join us for this little fun new section of our blog.

The Ultimate Knitwear Trend 2022 - The Balaclava

Strange but true, the balaclava is the Winter 2021/22 ultimate knitwear trend. From the runways to Instagram, the balaclava has made a comeback in its most colorful, fashionable,...

How to knit a tidy neckline: The Sloped Bind-Off

Learn how to get a smooth, beautiful edge, avoiding that stair-step look of the normal bind-off with the Sloped Bind-Off Method. A simple technique that changes your knitting drastically!

How to Work Jeny's Stretchy Bind-Off (in any stitch pattern)

Some projects require a little extra stretch at the end of the work. I find it super useful for babies or children knits, for example. Once, I made...

How to fix a dropped stitch in less than a minute

It has happened to all of us! No matter if you are a newbie or an advanced knitter, a stitch will fall off, here is what you have...

How to make fluffy pompoms EVERY TIME

Get pompoms picture worthy every.time. Only four tips make all the difference.